Value Logistics Distribution Centre: 2015 SAISC Steel Award Winner

We are proud to report that the new distribution centre we recently completed for Value Logistics is the winner of the 'Warehouse and Factory' category of the South African Institute of Steel Construction's 2015 awards. 

The awards judges said that "this is one of those model projects in which from start to finish one can see that the structure was well‐designed, that the team worked closely to make the programme work and that the architects could fulfil their vision of a highly aesthetically pleasing office facility.”  Noting that the office component "is a little architectural gem tucked away on this otherwise very functional and industrial site. We have come to expect a two‐storey rectangular box that houses the offices for such a project. Definitely not so in this case! This beautifully detailed structure with exposed steel extending to the glass‐fronted reception area with ponds and aesthetic decor transforms this good industrial project into an absolute winner and truly deserving of B & T Steel’s Factory and Warehouse Category for excellence in the use of steel”.

More information about the 2015 SAISC Steel Awards can be found here.

Images of the project to follow soon.