Loudon Perry Anderson is an architecture and design studio founded in 2004 and located in Cape Town. The practice strives to produce architecture that is unique and of impeccable utility; architecture that benefits not only it’s owners and users but also it’s community and environment. 

We believe in design that is generated by the optimistic precepts of modernism - rationality, utilitarianism, technology - and a positive view that the design and arrangement of spaces can support and reinforce relationships and can add joy.

The practice follows a systematic project management procedure that considers the three interrelated elements of design, cost and time from project inception to completion. Application of the system varies to suit the project, but clear identification of project workstages and resolution of design, cost and programme issues at the appropriate level at each workstage is an imperative to achieving sound design and project management solutions.

Loudon Perry Anderson holds itself to the highest possible standards in design, ethics and business practices.